Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Buckeye Trail FA 50K


Nearly 20 runners braved the frigid temperatures today (10-15 degrees) to participate in this year’s edition of the Winter BT50K FA.  This low key fun run took place on the Buckeye Trail and followed the summer BT50K course from the Oak Grove Pavilion in Brecksville to Pine Lane and back.

Here are the “results” based on what everyone marked down on the finishing sheet following the run.  If you have any more information that should be added, please e-mail Brian at

Kevin Martin (50K – 6:08)
David Peterman (50K – 6:13)
Brian Philpot (50K – 6:20)
Terri Lemke (50K – 7:20)
Michael Kazar (50K – 7:50)
Tanya Cady (23 miles – 5:30)
Dave Janosko (50K – 8:24)
Brian Musick (50K – 8:26)
Mark Anson (50K – 8:26)
Bob Combs (50K)
Jim Harris (13 hrs, 50 min)
Kim Boner (19 miles)
Mike George (19 miles)
Lloyd Thomas (Snowville & back)
Todd Hanks (finished at 9:12am)
Daniel Bellinger
Roy Heger
Sam Kragalott
Melissa Terwilliger
Corey Volz
Bill Wagner
Danielle West


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Sever weather can no way hinder your activity, I see! Well done! Keep up the things !