Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hell Hath No Hurry and other stuff report

     Ran a nice little event by the Pittsburgh Airport at Settler's Cabin Park called Hell Hath No Hurry this past weekend. Offered 12, 8 and 4 hour option with a 6 mile trail race thrown in. 6 mile loops on almost all single track trails with lots of hills similar to the monkey hills at Mill Creek. Sparse attendance but really a super event.
     No need for long drawn out race report. Pretty much ran 4-1/2 good loops followed by crappy, suffering until loop 7. Perked up with some company from a Pittsburgh college student originally from Spokane, Washington. Walked loop 8 and called it a day. Hot day!
      Plan was to try straight maltodextrin mixed with water as fuel on advice from some savvy trail masters. Car was after the aid station and through some poor planning never tried it. Hit aid station after loop 2 and there were doughnuts everywhere. It was glorious! Decision time. Malto or doughnuts. Savvy trail masters or Homer Simpson. Didn't Homer run a Nuclear power plant? Went with Homer and doughnuts. Stomach issues all day but probably more due to the heat than doughnuts.
     Interesting sidebar. On loop 2, as I passed through a picnic area, a big group was having self defense training. Come back through over an hour later and they are still going at it. Now though, they are hiding behind trees in this picnic area. One student is going through the gauntlet as banditos jump from behind the trees and fake attack. I must have watched for ten minutes. NEOTRAIL needs to offer this training! Many times I have run through the woods wondering if lurking behind the next tree is a masked ninja waiting to attack and steal my handheld. Awesome sight!
     Post race cookout and beer looked great but couldn't eat. Gary Sexton and Suzanne Weightman were there to chat with.
     Post-post race headed to IKEA to pick up a desk. I never realized Pittsburgh was such a culturally diverse city. There must be every nationality known to man in IKEA. There are Swedish people shopping in the Swedish furniture store in Pittsburgh. Ate Swedish meatball dinner, which was awesome.
      Post-post-post race, as in next day. Buddy has free tickets to Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson in fricking Pittsburgh. Back I go. Partied like a rock star. Manson was awesome, Alice was Alice. Pre and post concert party with Alice drummer and guitar player. What a night! Home at 2am Monday morning and up for work at 4:30am. If weekend fun is inversely proportional to how one feels Monday morning then I had an epic weekend.
       In summary, try out Hell Hath No Hurry next year. Cool little event on some trails you've probably never seen. Enjoy what Pittsburgh has to offer. Get home before 2am and don't drink too much if workday starts a couple hours later.
Ryan Roxie(Alice guitar player) and Coach pre-blotto

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Race Results

A busy trail weekend.

Bighorn Mountain Bill Losey finished the tough 100 mile race in 33.18. This is held in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Highlands Sky

Congratulations to Nick Billock, for finishing the beautiful and tough Highlands Sky Race in West Virginia, finishing in 10.25

The Towpath Ten Ten

Matt Hanks finished first in his age group for the 10 mile race, running a 1.04.08


 Cyrus and his bride of 25 years, Elizabeth, celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary by running the Mohican Marathon together, finishing in 113.42

From Cyrus: "Me (a few months ago): What would you like to do for our 25th anniversary? Elizabeth: "do a marathon together. A mile for each year with a pinch to grow on." A few hours ago, just after dark: Mohican marathon done! Elizabeth's first marathon. Her first trail race. Indeed her first race! And my garmin suggests it is her first ultramarathon (we went off course a bit at one point)"


Shannon Fisher finished in 5,47
Des Cowie finished the marathon in 6.18
Tim Simenc in 6.27

50 Mile

Tara Schwietzer finished the 50 mile race in 13.30

100 Mile

Paul Lefelhocz

Mark Anson
Mark gets points for wearing his YUTC shirt!!!

Old Man Heger finishing Mo # 113 or so

Dave Peterman was 10th overall, in 22.22
Paul Lefelhocz time was 28.12
Roy Heger completed Mo again in 28.46
Mark Anson finished his first Mohican 100 in 30.28

Monday, June 3, 2013

Race Results

There were a few NEO TC running races this past weekend.

Gary Sexton travelled south to Salt Fork State Park, where he ran a 6.10.30 at the Buckeye Buster, good enough for 3rd Masters.

Dave Peterman went north and ran a fast 21.36 at Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin.

Nice work.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cortland 10 Miler on June 22nd

Saturday morning at the Lakeview High School in Cortland, Ohio.
Race starts at 9:00 AM.
Old School event, with a tour of Cortland and the surrounding country side.

If you need more details, ask.