Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buckeye Trail 50K Results


Congrats to the following NEO Trail members for completing the Buckeye Trail 50K on Saturday...

Ron Ross  5:44:01  (26th overall)
TJ Hawk  6:13:45  (43rd overall)
Roy Heger  6:17:59  (55th overall)
Dave Peterman  6:32:51  (67th overall)
Kurt Osadchuk  6:43:53  (76th overall)
Carole Krus  7:07:02  (86th overall)
Tim Knapp  7:10:05  (90th overall)
Mark Anson  7:28:45  (96th overall)
Frank Dwyer  7:41:40  (106th overall)
Nick Billock  7:57:20  (112th overall)
Buck Itrale  8:26:22  (120th overall)
Joe Novicky  8:41:47  (123 overall)

Complete results will be posted here:

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