Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Ring

Congrats to NEO Trail Club member Kim Love-Ottobre for joining the "fellowship of the ring" this past weekend, by completing the VHTRC's annual run titled "The Ring". She has also declared her intentions to move on to the "Reverse Ring" in February... another stepping stone.

For the unititiated, The Ring is a circuit of the entire 71-mile orange-blazed Massanutten Trail in the George Washington National Forest, on the ridgelines of the eastern and western ranges of the Massanutten Mountains around the Fort Valley, roughly between Front Royal and Luray. The "trail" is hard, rocky and slow. Sections of this trail have been around in some cases for centuries, but the entire, uninterrupted, 71-mile Massanutten Trail was not completed until 2002. The Virginia Happy Trails Club immediately pounced on this trail upon completion and now every fall more runners are initiated into the Ring.

Click Here to read Kim's full report on the weekend

NEO Trail members Jim Harris and Cam Baker also ran The Ring, went off course and actually ran further, but were disqualified. Click here to read a post from Jim.

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