Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slim Pickins 2010

We had the best staging area for the 2010 Slim Pickins. This year, cabins were rented in Linn Run State Park, just a few miles from Donegal, PA. This is on the north side of the PA Turnpike.

Most of the Slim Pickins runs have revolved around a run on the Laurel Highlands Trail. Some runs originated at the south terminus of the LH Trail, in Ohio Pyle. One epic SP run was the Reverse LH in 2007, where the run began at Mile 70, and finished in Ohio Pyle. Only four NEO Trail Members finished the entire 70 miles.

The closing of the Turnpike Bridge-and a severing of the LH Trail made the idea of a cabin at Linn Run State Park a great idea.

The stream outside the cabin

Bob Combs on the Grove Run Trail
Starting at the Linn Run State Park gave us numerous trails to explore, including going over to the LH Trail and running there, and then back to the cabin.

Bruce McMurray, Bob Combs, Kim Love-Ottobre

Kim, Bruce, and Bob were able to get some mileage in on Friday. Rich "The Professor" Vrbonic arrived in time for dinner Friday night.

There was enough food to feed 12 or 15 hungry ultra runners.
The weather was beautiful on Friday night, with a huge full moon. So a night run was organized, getting in six miles in the darkness. In some spots the headlamps were extinguished, and we could run in the dark.
Donning gear for the run on Saturday

Jim "Slim" Harris and Cam "Wrong Way" Baker joined us on Saturday morning.

Cam Baker and Bob Combs

Jim Harris happy to be on the Laurel Higlands Trail again

Cam showing off his rock climbing skills

There are groves of rhododendrons on the LH Trail

Rich had dropped Aid at the Route 30 Parking Lot-thanks Rich!
Various distances were covered. Cam turned at the Aid Spot, going off on his own to run some side trails for future exploration. Rich and Jim ran around 40 miles. Kim, Bob, and Bruce ran around 28 miles.
There was talk of another night run, but the huge offering of food from club members-pirogies, lasagna, sausages, chili, chips, dip, made it too hard to leave the roaring fire and camaraderie.

There are future runs being considered with the Linn Run State Park cabins being used as the meeting place. Come join us sometime!


Mark Anson said...

great report! sorry I couldn't make it! am planning on running the LH Ultra in 2011

Brian said...

Great photos.. Wish I could've been there!