Monday, June 13, 2011

Finish Line Meal at Laurel

This is what the runners had waiting for them that ran the whole trail from Ohiopyle to Seward.

Sirloin Beef Chili
White Turkey Chili
Chicken Noodle Vegetable Soup
Cilantro and Lime Rice
Vegetarian Beans (with a touch of sweetness that I found out was from Kahula)

Many thanks to Don Smith for his hours preparing the feast that everyone enjoyed at the trail head at Seward.

Congrats to Lloyd Thomas and Brian Musick for getting the coveted finishers award with the 77 on it.
They are already working on the bridge and Rick Freeman said that he had assurances that the run will be back to 71 miles next year.

Congrats to Eric Harris, Mark Anson, and Jim Harris for completing the 50K this year.
The food selection was not as gourmet like the 77 runners had.
But after a few hours on trail, Pizza and Gatorade is always welcome.
They even had Chocolate Milk which made Baby Sasquatch very happy.

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