Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Racing Recap

There are still racing going on despite the shorter days of November.

Nick  did not waste any time after his splashdown back in the States by participating in the "Stomp the Grapes" 1/2 Marathon with his wife, Marjie.  They finished in 2.39.

A few NEO TC members went south, to Burr Oak State Park, for what may be the last Bob Cat Marathon.  The Burr Oak State Park Lodge will be closing down due to financial difficulties.  This trail marathon runs more like an ultra.

 Ron Ross finished the race in 4.55.

 Brandon Russell was not far behind in 4.59.

Courtney Russell must have let Brandon get ahead of her.  She finished in 5.03

And what did the King do, one weekend after his Double Marathon at Run With Scissors?

Run another 100 mile race, of course!

Paul Lefelhocz finished the Pinhoti 100 Trail Run in 28.50!   Congratulations Paul!  Rumor is that Paul now has (unofficially) 1085 Raced Miles for 2011.

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