Monday, January 2, 2012

MHM Race Report Kellie Maheu

Just when you think things can't get any crazier ,you better think again. After completing my first 50k at URINEO  I was left a few brain cells short and I'm afraid I am getting a new love for the trails of Mill Creek park. Hugging trees and logs and slipping in the mud.

Contrary to what you may believe, Lenny came up with the idea of the 3 maheu's doing a monkey hill marathon relay. He blew out of work at 10:00 am and we arrived at the trail head at approx 11:00.The fact that all three of the maheu's were going to enjoy the day together on these trails excited me. Almost immediately I regretted not arriving at 6:00am and giving this a real effort along with the rest of these monkey marathoners.

It was a brisk 26 or so degrees but knowing what was in store we knew it wouldn't take long to warm up. The first loop I ran cautiously as there was a light coating of snow on the trail and my confidence of staying on my feet was low. Then Bob came along and said something like take the slides with fun and enjoy being a kid again. And then I really regretted not getting out there and being a part of the whole deal.

I had the chance to run a little with Kimba and chat with her a bit. The loop I did with her I forgot about being so cautious with my footing a relaxed a bit more. I thought the toughest part of the whole course was going up the hill to the love log and crossing over. But I developed just the right technique for getting across. Kimbas way isn't so bad! Laying down, it gives the feet a break.

The goal was to complete MHM between the 3 maheu's (Lenny, Myself, and Audrey.) Lenny and I started off the relay while Audrey got in her 6 miles on the road before joining in. This allowed us to get 4 laps a piece in before the 3d maheu joined in. At this point we had 21 laps to go between the 3 of us., It really does go by fast when you have other runners passing by and encouraging you (when they are the ones who have been out there for 6 plus hours already, and still smiling!!)

We completed our goal around 1:45pm and headed to Salsita's to celebrate. Upon arriving home we learned Kimba was the first female to complete the MHM!! Congrats ! And now the question is "When will the Maheu's complete the MHM individually and Who will be the 2nd female to finish!"

Kellie Maheu

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