Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Races

Allison Holko-ran a 1.03.03 in the Cap City 1/4  Marathon..apparently a 6.55 mile race(?)

Emerald Crossing Trail Race

Julie and Gale ran the 4 mile trail race.  
Gale Connor  38:41   
Julie Curtis  43:44

Allegany Adventure Run

Chris Kalie pr'd her time by 13 minutes from last year at the Allegany Trail Adventure Run in New York State.  She ran the 22 K in 2.34.

North Coast 24 Hour Race
Cyrus Taylor represented at the loop course in Edgewater Park and logged in 44.74 miles.

Pittsburgh Marathon
Sharyn DiMuzio overcame some injuries and completed the Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon in 3.00.

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