Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Running

Running the Burning River 100 Mile Run the weekend before did not seem to slow down George Themelis.  He placed first in his age group at the Independence 5K, completing that in 19.47.

Tim Knapp got his double in on Saturday also, running 20 miles at Mill Creek Park in the early morning on Saturday, then running the Salem Star Trax 5K with his son that evening, in 31.24.

Farther south, Teresa McCombs completed the 5 mile trail race, the Dirty Signal, in the Summit Metroparks, running that in 52.05.

Hot day for running Saturday.  This was also the course familiarization/volunteer run at Mill Creek Park for the YUTC race.  Despite the hot weather, about fifteen runners showed up for some loops around the park.  Mileage ranged from one loop around the lakes, 12 miles, to Slim topping out his mileage about 40 miles. 

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