Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monkey See Monkey Do

We have another Hot Monkey Hills Marathon finisher.
On Sunday the 14th, the originator of the idea for the Hot MHM got his laps to become just the 3rd finisher
of this NEO Trail Challenge.
Todd finished in a time of 9:17.

Coach Hanks always honest race report: Quick recap on yesterday’s Hot Monkey. Started a few minutes after sunrise. It was hot, never even checked what the high was but know it was over 80. Saw 2 bucks, a doe and 3 fawns and they stayed in the area throughout the day. 3 fawns still around during lap 29. Creeper old dude wearing cammo that was stalking me. He kept walking around the section to the road and would be hiding in the trees or sitting on logs. Scared the poop out of me a couple times. Ran 1st and 11th lap naked for a little twist. Maybe he saw me. Smooth sailing through 20+. Slim and the boys showed up at 21 with a Mt. Dew frozen which was awesome. Got tough from 22 on. Slim and the boys hung on a picnic table and watched the disaster unfold. Think they left around 27. Cousin Tim unexpectedly showed up during lap 28 and kept me company on 29. Started in a puddle of sweat and finished in a puddle of drool. Plan was to run 29 naked but Tim was there and wasn’t a whole lot of running at that point so seemed pointless. Not sure how many others will join in on this stupid event. Glad it’s over.

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