Friday, September 13, 2013

Midwest Slam

The inaugural running of the MIDWEST GRAND SLAM OF ULTRARUNNING in 2012 was a tremendous success with 24 runners from 13 different states in the U.S. beginning the quest to complete four of the Midwest's showcase 100 mile trail races over the course of about three months:

Kettle Moraine 100 Mile Endurance Run
Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run
Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run
Hallucination 100 Mile Run

Dave Peterman ran the Hallucination 100 in 20.25, coming in 4th place in the race.

He also placed second in the Midwest Slam, with a total time of 91.20

Dave will be available post YUTC to sign autographs.


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Ann Riddledom said...

At last I've taken his autograph! He wasn't reachable. I found the other way. I asked the guys from to help me here. They know the ways to get anything.