Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slim Pickins FA 100K

Yesterday the N.E. Ohio Trail Club hosted its 4th Annual Slim Pickins FA on the Laurel Highlands Trail in S.W. Pennsylvania. This free, low-key run is open only to club members and allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled weekend of trails together. This year's official distance was 100K but since this is an FA run everyone is allowed to run as much or as little as they wish.

This year the weather was unusually warm (low 50's for a high) and there were a record number of individuals who finished the entire distance.

Here are the complete results:

Cam Baker
Bob Combs
Mike Dobies
Jim Harris
Brian Musick
40 Miles
Kim Love-Ottobre
Bruce McMurray
Dan Belinger
Tanya Cady
Wilma Depiore
John DeWalt
Mike Halkovich
Mike Keller
Dan Kuzma
Joe Novicky
Click Here to view photos from the weekend

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