Sunday, November 1, 2009

Upcoming NEO Trail Events

If you are a current NEO Trail member, listen up! The annual Slim Pickins FA Trail Run is on the Laurel Highlands Trail in southwestern PA on November 21st of this month! Be sure to e-mail Gombu your interest in this not-to-miss event if you plan on going so he can e-mail you the details of the trip as the date gets closer. Note: you must be a NEO Trail member to participate in this run.

After Slim Pickins, don't miss the URINEO FA 50 Miler in Mill Creek Park on Saturday, December 5th starting at 7am at the Lily Pond Parking Lot. (URINEO = Ultra Runners In North East Ohio)

Also on December 5th, the Dark Park Pursuit 15K will kickoff in Cortland, OH at Mosquito Lake State Park at 6:30pm.

Registration has already opened up as well for the 6th running of the YUT-C 50K and 25K next September. Registrations have already began to come in! Mark your calendars for September 18th, 2010!


Anonymous said...

Nick or Brian - how far is the Slim Pickens this year?

Brian said...

Mike - 100K maximum distance