Monday, February 28, 2011

The Reverse Ring

The Reverse Ring is a roughly 71-mile counter-clockwise circuit of the Massanutten Trail, and it was held this year on February 26-27.
NEO Trail Club members continue their high percentage finish rate of the Reverse Ring. 4 club members started, all finished.

Cam Baker set a new NEO Trail Club Record for the Reverse Ring, with a finish of 18 hours 26 minutes.

Jim Harris continued his pre-race taper strategy by running 20 miles the day before the Reverse Ring. Jim stayed on Orange the entire route and finished in 19 hours, 50 minutes.

Bob Combs decided he couldn't stop at Camp Roo if everyone else was going on, with a 24 hour 45 minute finish.

Kim Love-Ottobre attained "Master of the Ring" status and wrote a very long blog post about it. Her finishing time was 26 hours 12 minutes.

It was the worst weather conditions ever. A mild day, with outbreaks of sunshine every now and then, some breezes on the eastern ridge, made it a great day (and night) for running.

Many thanks to Race Directors Mike Bur and Quatro Hubbard and the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club for hosting such a fine event!

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