Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cam Baker finishes The Ring!

Cam Baker finishes The Ring in second place, in 20.26.  He then almost automatically becomes A Master of The Ring, by virtue of his Reverse Ring Finish of the year before.

Sounds complicated? Ask him about it on the trails sometime, he'll give you the full story.

There was originally a large field, as Quatro, The Ring Leader, forgot to close the sign up list. But 45 dwindled as the day neared and the temperatures rose. Only 32 toed the parking lot at Signal Knob on September 3.

  NEO TC Members Tim Knapp, Cam Baker, Jim Harris early at Elizabeth Furnance. No one is sweating much..yet.

Tim Knapp is a cousin of Jim Harris and foolish enough to listen to his invitation to come run the rocks of Virginia. Tim twisted an ankle and was unlucky (lucky?) enough to bow out at Moreland Gap.  He did get to experience Waterfall Mountain however.

Jim Harris took the social run this year and took it easy over the rocks of Massanutten. He and Kimba finished together in 25.01.
 Warm temps and Cam Baker's wishes decimated the field. There were  only 12 finishers out of 32 starters...three of these were NEO TC!

Detailed race reports from Cam and Kim.

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