Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Slim Pickins'

Hey People, just a reminder that Slim Pickins' will be the weekend of November 18th, 19th, and the 20th.
Wheels are turning in the background to make this happen.
Check your calendars and mark this weekend down as a must do event.
If you don't know what Slim Pickins' is all about, find someone who has been there and ask them.

Here is the teaser...
This year the main run on Saturday will be epic.
7400 feet of elevation gain for the distance, and so far only two people have been able to put forth the effort to finish the run.
The most recent effort at this goal over the weekend resulted in failure.
They were not able to complete the miles neccesary to get the stated objective.

Here is a picture from SP2010.
See how much fun they are having.

Reminder that you must be a member of NEOTC by September 1st to participate.

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