Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ultra Weekend

The second weekend of October is a hotbed of ultra running.  There are three great races this weekend: The Oil Creek Ultra Series, Grindstone 100, and the West Virginia Trilogy.

Most NEO TC Members are staying closer to home and running Tom Jenning's fine event at Oil Creek.

Listed Starters for the 100 Mile Race:
Jim Harris
Bob Combs
Brian Musick
Roy Heger
Paul Lefelhocz
Eric Deutsch

100K Listed Starters:
Cam Baker
Mark Anson

50K Starters:
Chris Kalie
Gale Connor

Kimba is the only NEO TC Member to represent at the West Virginia Trilogy this year.

There are no NEO TC Runners listed for the Grindstone.  Too many races closer to home for that drive.

Best of luck to all runners, have fun on those trails!

Also NEOTC member Eric Harris will toe the line for a Cross Country Meet at the Stow Invitational.

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