Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012 MMT Lottery Numbers

The following NEOTC members have expressed interest in running the 2012 MMT 100 in Virginia next May.
The number after their name is the random number they were assigned after they registered for the lottery.
That number will determine how they fair in the lottery on December 8th when the DOW closes.
More info here.

David Peterman 018
King Lefelhocz 394
Jim Harris 419
Kimba Love*Ottobre 483
Mike Dobies 516
Bill Losey 539
Bob Combs 551
Todd Hanks 554
Roy Heger 561
Shannon Fisher 680
Brian Musick 687
Wild Bill Wagner 715
Brandon Russell 750

Good Luck to all in the 2012 MMT Lottery.

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