Thursday, December 8, 2011

Results of the MMT Lottery

The Dow Jones finished down, with an ending number of 11,997.70.  According to the VHTRC website, it would make 770 the beginning number, with lottery numbers 766 down through 269 are in.

All NEO TC Members-except for Dave Peterman-are in via the lottery:

David Peterman 018
King Lefelhocz 394
Jim Harris 419
Kimba Love*Ottobre 483
Mike Dobies 516
Bill Losey 539
Bob Combs 551
Todd Hanks 554
Roy Heger 561
Shannon Fisher 680
Brian Musick 687
Wild Bill Wagner 715
Brandon Russell 750

Dave, being the steller and repeat offender of finishing MMT five previous times, will be high on the wait list. Dobies calculates him at # 11.  So no worries for Dave, he'll be running MMT in May.

Out of the lucky 13 NEO TC runners to kick rocks, there are three who are new to the Virginia Race:

Bill Wagner
Todd Hanks
Shannon Fisher

About four months to train! Run hard!!

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