Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Jewel 50K March 3

The Green Jewel 50K posted some fast results again this year.

The race was delayed at the start, due to road closings for the salamander crossing.

There is a spectacle in March that remains largely unnoticed by the majority of park users. Every March night, when a gentle rain falls and the air temperature rises above 45°F, hundreds, sometimes thousands of salamanders undertake a perilous trek from the hidden forest haunts across Valley Parkway in Brecksville to find certain ancestral breeding pools. Park staff close a section of Valley Parkway between Chippewa Creek Drive and Deer Lick Cave in Brecksville whenever the migration might take place.

NEO TC results:

Brandon Russell 4.54
Mike Kazar 5.25
Mike Keller 5.46
Paul Lefelhocz 5.56
Don Baun  6.41

Also heard via FB that Dan Bellinger was rocking an Aid Station at mile 19.1, complete with steak, potato soup, and gourmet coffee! (No cooked salamanders!)

Complete results here

 Nice work!!

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