Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Running Recap

Congratulations to Bob Combs and Bill Losey, for finishing the Salida Marathon March 10, 2012

Bill finished in 5.27.57 (with a misspelled name!)
Shubi get points for the YUTC shirt

Bob finished in 5.13.49.

Covered Bridge Fat Ass

NEO TC hosted the annual Covered Bridge Fat Ass, this year at Mohican State Park, in Loudonville Ohio.

Over 40 runners showed up, as it is a timely event for runners signed up for "Forget the PR" 50K or the Mohican 50 and 100 Race.

Congratulations to Allison Holko for completing her first 50K distance and still had energy left!

Will Bill at Big Lyons Fall with Zach McCardle
Julie Bowen-Miller helped with Aid at Covered Bridge. Jeff Musick partakes of Aid.
Wild Bill leading the Musick Brothers
This is Des Cowie in pink descending Big Lyons Falls

NEO TC in attendance-Kimba, Pebble, Jeff "Nervous Boy" Musick, Des Cowie, Allison Holko, Julie Bowen-Miller, Wild Bill, Tara Schweitzer, The King.

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Jeff said...

Great, you caught me drinking out of the water jug.