Sunday, November 4, 2012

Charity Running

There was alot of talk after the ING NY Marathon was cancelled.

Courtney Baker decided to do something better than just talk.

In her words:


There has been a lot of discussion this week regarding the New York City Marathon and whether or not it should be taking place in light of the aftermath from Hurricane Sandy. A friend of mine suggested that any runners locally who were scheduled to run NYC might want to think about running their own, unsupported marathon this weekend, and raise some money for Hurricane Relief in the process.
Well, I wasn't planning to run a marathon this weekend, but here I am anyway.  I'll be running an as-yet-to-be-determined route on Saturday, Nov. 3 that promises to be at least 26.2 miles.  I'll be supplying my own aid and most likely running alone.
If anyone out there has been wondering what small thing they can do to help, please consider making a small donation to AmeriCares via my Crowdrise site. American Airlines is matching all donations up to $100,000 so whatever you can give will be doubled.

From her FB Page:

26.2 cold and rainy miles done and over $1,100 raised for storm relief efforts. The people who helped along the way -- by donating, running with me, and supporting this "little" last-minute adventure -- are too many to name... but you know who you are! I do need to give a shout-out to Laurie and Radames Colon who also raised money and ran 26.2 this morning. This was Laurie's idea, so without her this never would have happened!

Her fundraising page is still open today, November 4:

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