Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It is the usual suspects for the 2013 Massanutten Run.

Bib Numbers:

#43 Bob Combs
#88 Jim Harris
#92 Roy Heger
#120 Paul Lefelhocz
#127 Bill Losey
#128 Kimba Love*Ottobre

In addition, there are more NEO TC members coming down to crew and volunteer: Wild Bill Wagner, Allison Holko, Moose.

There could be live updates during the run. Click here for that access.

Whatever occurs, it is sure that Massanutten Rocks!!!


X said...
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X said...

Good luck one and all. Our Ohio champions...truly. I will be watching the results with glee.

Go Kimba
Go Roy
Go Slim
Go Gombu
Go Losey
Go King Paul!

I would dearly love to be crewing or (gulp) pacing a bit.

(from Keller)