Thursday, May 26, 2011

Massanutten Pics

Cam Baker
Dave Peterman

Rich Vrboncic and Jim Harris at the Finish Line

Brian Musick on the way to Veach Gap
Kimba on the Rocks

Jim Harris

Bob Combs

Cam Baker
Jim Harris

Brandon Russell

Paul Lefelhocz

Rich Vrboncic

Roy Heger

The Massanutten Buckle

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hills and more Hills

This Saturday over at Pine Hollow on the appropriately named Sound of Music Hills is the No Frills, Just Hills FA run.

2 mile loop for 6 hours.

Here is the historical Compiled Data.

--------Total # of Loops--2008--2009--2010
Kim Boner------------28------0-----13-----15
Terri Lemke----------28-------0----13-----15
Brian Musick---------28-----10----11------7
Suzanne Pokorny---23----12-----11
Jim Harris-------------20----12------4------4
Jeff Musick-----------19-----10------6-----3
Bob Pokorny----------17-----0-------0----17
Mark Anson-----------17-----0-------5----12
Jim Christ-------------17-----0-------9-----8
Tom Patton------------16----0-------7-----9
Mark Elderbrock------15----15
Jim Chaney------------15-----0-----15
Frank Dwyer-----------14----14
Matt Kee----------------14----14
Laurie Colon-----------14------0------0----14
Michael Palton---------13------0----13
Micah Scott------------13-------0----13
Beth Trecasa----------12-------0-----0-----12
Joe Salwan-------------12-------0-----0-----12
Brian Perusek----------11-------0-----0-----11
Lloyd Thomas----------10-----10
Jamie Musick-----------10-----10
Jay Layshock-----------10------0-----10
Chris Lassen------------10------0------0-----10
Dan DeRosa-------------10-------0-----0-----10
Howie Felterup----------10-------0-----0-----10
Julie Miller---------------10-------0-----0-----10
Courtney Baker----------9--------0-----9
Paul Lefelhocz-----------9--------0-----9
Bruce McMurray--------9--------0-----0------9
Cyrus Taylor-------------9--------0-----0------9
Sam Kragalott-----------8--------0-----8
Kim Love-Ottobre-------8--------0-----8
Kevin Martin-------------8--------0-----8
Mark Humprey-----------8--------0-----0------8
Tom Morgan-------------7--------0-----7
Rich Wisneski-----------7---------0-----7
Kevin Martin-------------7---------0-----7
Tim Knapp---------------7---------0-----7
Pete Cahoun------------6----------0----6
John Jenkins-------------6----------0----0-----6
Tami Musick-------------5---------5
Tanya Cady--------------5----------0-----5
David Peterman---------5----------0-----5
Barefoot Johnny O-----5----------0------0-----5
Kirstie Ratzer------------5---------0------0-----5
Kevin Farley------------5----------0------0-----5
Teresa Sroka-----------5----------0------0-----5
Bob Combs--------------4---------0-------4
Angela Watkins---------4--------0---------0----4
Roy Heger---------------3--------3
Kyrsti Sowers-----------3--------0--------0------3
Cathy Sloan-------------2--------0--------0-------2
Jordan Christ(dog)-----1---------0-------1
Shames Combs--------1---------0-------0--------1

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Laurel Ultra

Laurel is one of the premier east coast trail races.
Take a look here at the elevation profile.
Except for the detour, this is all single track except for 1 mile of gravel road.
This may be the last year to get the finishers award with the "77" on it, as the bridge over the turnpike is scheduled to be replaced next year.
Chatter here on the forum page.

There is so much to brag about with this trail, the ferns, the first 8 miles, Beam Rocks, the wooden bridges.
Ask any vetern about this event, and you will always get a great story.

Price increase is tomorrow, get your app printed and postmarked now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

Here is the list of MMT finishers from NEOTC.

Roy Heger 12 finishes - 31:28
Bob Combs 9 finishes - 29:26
David Peterman 5 finishes - 28:46
Bill Losey 5 finishes - 34:19
Jim Harris 4 finishes - 25:11
Rich Vrboncic 2 finishes - 35:28
Cam Baker 1 finish - 25:11
Paul Lefelhocz 1 finish - 32:51
Brandon Russell 1 finish - 34:48
Kimba Love 1 finish - 31:50*

* First Ohio Woman to finish MMT

Here is a different perspective of the individuals with multiple finishes, time on course.
Heger - 16 days, 7 hours, 44 minutes, 56 seconds
Combs - 11 days, 21 hours, 24 minutes, 24 seconds
Losey - 7 days, 3 hours, 11 minutes, 20 seconds
Peterman - 6 days, 2 hours, 33 minutes, 42 seconds
Harris - 4 days, 13 hours, 37 minutes, 25 seconds
Vrboncic - 2 days, 22 hours, 25 minutes, 44 seconds

Monday, May 9, 2011

Deutsch Wins 50 for Yo Momma Race

Eric Deutsch wins the inaugural 50K event at the "50s for Yo Mama Trail Races". This event was held at Hargus Lake State Park, outside of Circleville, Ohio. Eric's time was 5.12.20.

Congratulations Eric!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Racers

NEO TC members were out racing events of various lengths this past weekend.




Two NEO TC members ran the April RAINN race, staged out of the Ledges Shelter in Peninsula, Ohio.  A portion of the proceeds benefit the Rape Abuse Incest National Network. Gail Connor and Heidi Finniff ran the 4.5 mile trail race.

Mike Keller raced another weekend and completed a 10K at The Wilds.  The Wilds, outside of Cumberland, Ohio, is a private, non-profit conservation center located on nearly 10,000 acres of reclaimed mine land in rural southeastern Ohio.  Mike ran his 10K in 57.01.

Upping the mileage a bit, Rich Vrboncic travelled a bit south to participate in the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rich ran The Pig in 4.20:53.

A bit farther away, Don Baun clicked off another state in his 50 States quest by running the Colorado Marathon in 4:26:28.

Congratulations to all racers and everyone who got outside and ran this weekend!