Monday, May 27, 2013

Musick Sighting

Several NEO Trailers were volunteering at a water stop at the Mosquito Lake Chase.
Much to our surprise we saw a Musick Participating in the 5K.

Jeff Musick not only ran the 5K, he also won his age group.

Men 20 - 29
   20    1  Jeff Musick, 26, Akron, Ohio               20:33.6    6:38

Congrats on a job well done.

Complete results here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Rocks. There were rocks. Lots of them. Many of us were kicking them around for the nth time, and some were kicking them around for the first time.

First time MMT Finisher Desiree Cowie, finishing in 33.46:

Slim finished in 27.26
Climb out of Veach Gap, photo by Aaron Schwartbard
 Kimba PR'd her run in 30.37

Bob Combs finished MMT # 11 in 34.25 

Old Man Roy Heger came in  32.47

Paul Lefelhocz finished in 31.27

Billy quit but this sure was a cute photo:

Wild Bill, Glen Cowie, Moose, and Allison Holko of NEO TC were also out supporting the runners to get them to the finish line:


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It is the usual suspects for the 2013 Massanutten Run.

Bib Numbers:

#43 Bob Combs
#88 Jim Harris
#92 Roy Heger
#120 Paul Lefelhocz
#127 Bill Losey
#128 Kimba Love*Ottobre

In addition, there are more NEO TC members coming down to crew and volunteer: Wild Bill Wagner, Allison Holko, Moose.

There could be live updates during the run. Click here for that access.

Whatever occurs, it is sure that Massanutten Rocks!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

5/3/2013 - Friday Night In China

Tonight was day 18 in a row.  5.1 miles was nothing miraculous, but I felt like a runner again.  Here is why.  I got to the front door of the building and it was raining a steady medium rain.  That didn't phase me a bit.  In fact, I thought it might make my run easier and just keep me cooled off, and rinse of the sweat.

Niiiiice mental state Keller.  

I was very quickly reminded again of how I cherish the Chinese people (Zhongguoren.)  My friend Zhengyan, the gate guard, who always opens the gate for me as I approach leaving and returning so I can keep right on running, sees me and waves me into the guard shack.  Cool, I haven't talked to him for awhile, and my Chinese is improving...AND, I am not shooting for any pace or time tonight, so a tiny break at the very start hurts nothing.  Well, yes he wanted to say "Hi," but he also wanted to loan me his rain coat.  I thought it would never fit, and even protested saying "Tai xiao le!" (too small) but he insisted I try it on, and wouldn't you know, he has a much larger coat than he needs, I guess to fit over uniforms, or whatever.  I have worn much LESS comfortable coats to run in (the Dirty Dog 10K Trail race way below zero C comes to mind)  So the gesture was touching and I would guess I floated through the first mile or two just on good will alone.

The thing is, I have a term I use for these random acts of kindness I witness (and try to emulate) here in China, and I call it Zhongguo Xin, or China heart.  People really care for one another over here in a genuine way.  It's refreshing.

Oh, the run?  It was cool.  It rained every step of the way, and my mind slipped a little back into ultra runner mentality as I reveled in the fact that all the normal people I see out almost every night running at the same hour, were nowhere to be found.  I was the only one looney (sane?) enough to go out into the rain and enjoy the conditions.  When you give up detouring around the puddles, because your feet are going to get any wetter...and you just groove through the weather like it couldn't touch you.

I felt GOOD.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coach Hanks 024 Race Report

His words:

   Cruised through marathon distance in 4:12 and 50k in just over 5. Felt pretty rough at that point and walked a couple laps while drinking mixture of water and Nuun and pounding salt pills. Came out of it.
   Pounded laps from there until just before 50 when brother showed up and ran a few. He thought I was nuts running that fast but easy course and I like to run. Finished 50 in 8:48 and 1 lap behind leader in second place.
  Wheels came off and walked next 5 laps trying to perk back up. Got worse and worse. Gary Sexton had suggested nap so I went for it. Napped in car for 45 minutes and got back to running laps. Ran to mile 64 and friend showed up. Walked a lap with her. She went to get ice cream while I walked another. Ate as much ice cream as could, took 800mg ibuprofen, and walked another. Ready to puke and wobbling by end of lap. Back to the car to nap at 67.
  Woke up to Jim and Heath’s texts. Got out of car and crushed laps until 85 telling myself to not be a pussy the whole way. By 85 the burst was gone. 86 was another wobbling walk. Decision time. Nap worked twice but only 14 to go and 5 hours left. Went for the nap.
   Alarm didn’t go off and ended up in car until just after 4. Super stiff. Need to run. Worked out stiffness during 87 and then ran from there until 99. Walked 100 and called it a day. Brother with me for last 4.
  Here’s what I ate:
Pre-race- bowl of cereal and 2 sausage biscuits
Race- 1 cookie, ¼ PB&J sandwich, 2 Gus, 2 handfuls of nuts/trail mix, 2 orange slices, 2 cantaloupe slices, 4-5 slices watermelon, ½ grilled cheese sandwich, 4-5 styrofoam cups of ramen heavy on juice, some ice cream(say McDs kiddie cone size)
From the time I ate ice cream around mile 67 until end of race I might have had one cup of ramen. Drank mixture of Nuun and water until could only take water. Hydration wise did OK. Stomach upset and hard to eat for most of race. Tried some upset stomach pills but didn’t help. Be nice to find something that works. Dumb that haven’t tried yet but need to do something long and go with straight liquid fuel.
Think I win this race if I knew how to fuel myself. That’s part of the deal. Everybody going through similar thing.
Overall had a great time. 50 mile PR by over an hour. Met Tom Jennings and had good time with him. Got to talk to the “King” and get the Vol state scoop. Got to run with Gary S and Suzanne W quite a bit and really enjoyed their company. Wish I could just drop this in the bucket and move to shorter distances, but guess I’m hooked. Time for some stupid solo stuff.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Double Laurel Highlands Run Report

 Cam Baker's Run Report of his Double Laurel Highlands Trail can be found here:

These pics, and more, are also linked onto his race report.

Great job, Cam!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Double Laurel

Cam Baker completes a Double Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in 50:21.

Not much to say to that effort.

Forget the PR 25K and 50K

The Admiral - 6:03:37
Rich Vrboncic - 6:38:27
Tim Simenec - 7:35:32
Tara Schweitzer - 8:12:29
Kelli Rushton - 8:53:35
Wild Bill Wagner - 9:26:24
Bradford Williams - 9:32:16

Results here.

 25K Results

Lloyd Thomas (8th) 2.48.35
Teresa McCombs 4.25.42
Gale Connor 7.04.21