Monday, November 26, 2012

Warren Kiwanis Turkey Trot

A bunch of turkeys did some fast running on Thanksgiving.

2 Mile
Eric Harris - 10:21.43
6th overall and 2nd in his age group

Todd Hanks - 19:50.4
597th overall and 16th in his age group

5 Mile
Matt Hanks - 29:26.59
19th overall and 1st Place Masters Men

Bill Losey -37.20.17
127th overall and 11th in his age group

Pat Dillon - 38:34.90
151st place and 14th in his age group

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hardrock Lottery

Just a heads up, the Hardrock Lottery will be held December 16 this year, so no need to hang around your Twitter account any earlier!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As always, it is sad to see SP2012 come to an end.
The NEOTC Fat Ass Rules Committee is already working on the details for SP2013.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Shannon WINS OPSF!!!

I heard rumors of a female winner running under the was true!!!

Congratulations to Shannon Fisher, for winning  the Owens Putnam State Forest 50 Mile Ultra, on November 3rd!

Owens Putnam State Forest is located in Spencer Indiana. 

Old Man Roy Heger also did quite well, placing fourth overall, in 11.51. 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rock’n The Knob Trail Challenge

Gary Sexton competed in a new race over in PA on October 27th.  This event is billed as the highest trail race in PA.  It was a 30K trail race at the Blue Knob Resort.  The big feature of the 30K race is that it has 9700 feet of gain over the race course.  More info here.
Gary was able to finish in 8th place out of 40 finishers and his time was 3:47:58 for the distance.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Sasquatch at the Ohio State CC Meet

Eric Harris competed in the 84th annual Ohio State High School Cross Country Meet on November 3rd.  Eric finished in 28th place out of 150 high school runners in 16:26, which was about a 25 second PR for him for the distance.  Complete results are available here.

Here is a link to a video that shows the finish line of the Division 2 race.  Eric makes his appearance at about the 1 minute mark of the video.

This was Eric's last CC meet of his high school career.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Charity Running

There was alot of talk after the ING NY Marathon was cancelled.

Courtney Baker decided to do something better than just talk.

In her words:


There has been a lot of discussion this week regarding the New York City Marathon and whether or not it should be taking place in light of the aftermath from Hurricane Sandy. A friend of mine suggested that any runners locally who were scheduled to run NYC might want to think about running their own, unsupported marathon this weekend, and raise some money for Hurricane Relief in the process.
Well, I wasn't planning to run a marathon this weekend, but here I am anyway.  I'll be running an as-yet-to-be-determined route on Saturday, Nov. 3 that promises to be at least 26.2 miles.  I'll be supplying my own aid and most likely running alone.
If anyone out there has been wondering what small thing they can do to help, please consider making a small donation to AmeriCares via my Crowdrise site. American Airlines is matching all donations up to $100,000 so whatever you can give will be doubled.

From her FB Page:

26.2 cold and rainy miles done and over $1,100 raised for storm relief efforts. The people who helped along the way -- by donating, running with me, and supporting this "little" last-minute adventure -- are too many to name... but you know who you are! I do need to give a shout-out to Laurie and Radames Colon who also raised money and ran 26.2 this morning. This was Laurie's idea, so without her this never would have happened!

Her fundraising page is still open today, November 4:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trying to Reason with Lottery Season

 If it is the day after Halloween, the Christmas decorations are up in the big box stores, and it is almost lottery season.

   Heads up if you are planning on entering several popular races.

PSI:  Hope you are a volunteer, as many races are now adding a volunteer requirement to their list of entry requirements. 

W$ER:  The Lottery entry period opens for two weeks in November, from November 11 through November 24.   December 8 is lottery day.

Hardrock application is now available for the lottery.  HR lottery is being held December 1.

Note from Charlie:

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM CHARLIE THORN (originally sent to the HR100 Yahoo mailing list - go join if you're not on it!):


The Hardrock applications are coming in fast.

I've received close to 300 applications so far and expect maybe 1000 total. The vast majority of them are complete and accurate. However, there is that 1% that don't seem to be able to get it right.

* Please use the mail. DO NOT email your application. Emailed applications will likely be ignored.

* Send in your Hardrock application EARLY. The later you wait, the less likely it is that I'll receive it by December 1.

* Resist the urge to send your application using certified or registered mail. I'm on travel a lot and if I have to go to the post office to sign for your application, it will certainly be delayed and it may not be received on time. As an example, last week I received a post office notice to pick up a registered entry WITH POSTAGE DUE. That's funny but I'm not amused.

* Make sure you include documentation for your qualifying run. Without complete documentation INCLUDED, your application is not complete and you may not get into the lottery. (Of course, if Hardrock is your qualifier, you do not have to provide any documentation.)

* Make sure you highlight your name and the qualifying run name and year on your documentation.

* Staple ALL of your qualifier documentation pages and application pages together but DO NOT staple your check to the application.

* Double check your application to make sure it's complete. For example, if you indicate you included your $250 check and it's not there, I assume that it's been stolen in the mail and a time consuming exchange of emails will ensue that wastes your time and mine.

* Make sure that your name is printed or written on your check. A few of the checks I've received are written from corporate accounts and, unless you name is included, it may be tough to figure out who you are.

Thanks for taking the time to make your Hardrock application complete and get those applications in EARLY. And, don't find yourself in that 1%.


Massanutten Race application  opens December 1, closes December 7.  
On December 10, the closing number of the Dow determines the initial entrant list.
It also appears that MMT is changing some requirements for entry, although at this time, not official for 2013

The Barkley lottery is held in December.  It is pretty much up to the individual to figure out how to apply to the race.