Sunday, December 23, 2012


URINEO 2012 was great fun, as usual.  First winter storm deposited a little bit of snow that polished up the woods of Mill Creek Park.  Good times on the trails with friends.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MMT Lottery Results

December 10 - Unofficial results:
We get a DOW close of UP at 13169.88.
That makes a lottery starting number of 988.

NEO TC Lottery Winners:
Paul "The King" Lefelhocz
Bill Losey
Kimba Love*Ottobre
Des Cowie

On the Wait List:
Roy Heger
Bob Combs
Mike Dobies
Jim Harris
Dave Peterman
Brian Musick
Shannon Fisher

2011 NEOTC finishers

Friday, December 7, 2012

MMT Lottery

Here is a list of NEOTC members who have applied for the MMT Lottery, their Lottery Number, and number of finishes they have.

121 Bill Losey - 6 finishes
155 Paul "The KING" Lefelhocz - 2 finishes
252 Desiree Cowie - Has not started MMT yet
681-Shannon Fisher -1 start, 0 finishes (that will change!)
413 Kimba Love*Ottobre - 2 finishes
527 Roy Heger - 13 finishes
545 Bob Combs - 10 finishes
623 Mike Dobies - 9 finishes
648 Jim Harris - 5 finishes
885 Brian Musick - 1 finish
965 Dave Peterman - 5 finishes

53 total finishes for the group above.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Western States Lottery

W$ER  Lottery is December 8.

As posted on the lottery applicant page, there is  2295 total lottery applicants for the 2013 race.
122 applicants with four tickets = 488 tickets
207 applicants with three tickets = 621 tickets
480 applicants with two tickets = 960 tickets
1486 applicants with one ticket = 1486 tickets
Total tickets in the hat = 3555

They will  draw 270 unique names in the lottery and then an additional five from the lottery within the lottery. That is, the folks in the audience who have not been selected up to that point. Based on 3555 total tickets and 270 names drawn, the odds of getting selected have been updated as follows:

one ticket odds = 7.9%
two ticket odds = 15.2%
three ticket odds = 21.9%
four ticket odds = 28.0%

NEO TC Members in the Lottery:

Mark Anson

Dan Bellinger

Dave Peterman

Eric Deutsch

Why no female NEO TC in the lottery?  Who is going to be the first female from Ohio to complete the Grand Slam??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Warren Kiwanis Turkey Trot

A bunch of turkeys did some fast running on Thanksgiving.

2 Mile
Eric Harris - 10:21.43
6th overall and 2nd in his age group

Todd Hanks - 19:50.4
597th overall and 16th in his age group

5 Mile
Matt Hanks - 29:26.59
19th overall and 1st Place Masters Men

Bill Losey -37.20.17
127th overall and 11th in his age group

Pat Dillon - 38:34.90
151st place and 14th in his age group

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hardrock Lottery

Just a heads up, the Hardrock Lottery will be held December 16 this year, so no need to hang around your Twitter account any earlier!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As always, it is sad to see SP2012 come to an end.
The NEOTC Fat Ass Rules Committee is already working on the details for SP2013.