Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slim Pickins' 2012 Sneak Preview

The SP2012 Run Committee is already making plans for this year’s event.
Due to the recent change in PA's Bear season, SP2012 will not be held in the Laurel Highlands.
We will allow the hunters their space and not be in the woods in PA on November 17th this year.
Instead SP2012 will be held in Coopers Rock State Park down in the WV.

This park is just east of Morgantown.
Link to park map here.
Not sure what Saturday’s run will involve this year, but as always, it will be a worthy challenge.
Loose plans call for camping in the campground at the park.
Start thinking about scheduling now so you can attend this event.

To participate in this event, you must be self-sufficient on trail and be able to self rescue if needed.
This event is not a race, but more of a group run where everyone is responsible for themselves.
You must be a member of NEOTC by the 2012 YUTC race date to participate, or else have a NEOTC sponsor member who is participating in the SP2012 Run vouch for you.

Friday, April 27, 2012

New NEOTC Challenge

After the Fools Run, some of us were out on a trail run and running our mouths as usual.
Some of us thought that ending the 50K with Salt Run was cruel and unusual punishment.
And the subject of new challenges for NEOTC came up.
What is better than ending a 50K with the hills of Salt Run?

Having the whole 50K on Salt Run!

So as usual when a stupid and pointless run is thrown out there, Jim Harris is ready to step up to the task to see if it can be done.

On April 19th Jim set out at 6:30 AM and started running laps on the Salt Run Trail.

Just after 1:00 PM he was done and completed the first running of the latest NEOTC Challenge.

Here are his splits for the day, in case you are contemplating this run and looking for data.

Lap 1   -  35:13     0:35:31
Lap 2   -  35:31     1:10:44
Lap 3   -  35:25     1:46:09
Lap 4   -  36:15     2:22:24
Lap 5   -  38:02     3:00:27
Lap 6   -  38:50     3:39:18
Lap 7   -  38:42     4:18:00
Lap 8   -  42:56     5:00:57
Lap 9   -  43:14     5:44:11
Lap 10 -  42:41     6:26:53

The trail is reported to be a little short of advertised distance and best guesstimate is that it is only a 5K around the loop.

If anyone else steps up to this challenge, please e-mail your time to Brian Musick and we will get a page going for the challenge.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

W$ Bib List

The bib numbers for the Western $tates Endurance Run are up on their site.

David Peterman, one of NEOTC's Grey Beards is attempting the SLAM this year.
He got one of the coveted entry spots for the 2012 Western States race and decided to add the SLAM in as well since he may never do W$ again.
308 Peterman David Akron OH
 Eight runners from Ohio are competing at this event this summer.
 The race is always the last full weekend in June.

The Grand Slam is recognition for those who complete four of the oldest 100 trail runs in the U.S.  The "Slam" consists of officially finishing the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, The Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run, the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run, and the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run all in the same year.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

YUTC 25K Half Full

Just a note to let you all know that the YUTC 25K is half full.
Once that distance fills up, there will be no more entries taken for that event.

No wait list for that distance and no secret bribes to the RD for entry.
List of entrants maintained here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Racing Results

Another good spring time round of racing.

Eric Harris PR'd at the 3200 distance, with a 9:55 finish for 3rd place, erasing 30+ seconds off his previous best time, at the Reinhart Relays in Stow.  For those not up on the details of Track, this was basically back to back sub 5 minute miles.
Best congratulation statement came from his older brother:
“Finally you didn’t suck today.”

Mike Keller added the 10th state to his marathon and beyond race resume; he ran the Free State Trail Marathon in Kansas, finishing in 5.33.24.

Closer to home, ultrarunner Melissa Cairns was Race Director for the Inaugural "On My Own Two Feet" Marathon in Kent, Ohio.   5000 dollars was raised for this event. ALL proceeds benefit local shelters including Cleveland's Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center and Portage County's Safer Futures. 

Kimba Love*Ottobre still needed a long run to check off before MMT.  Melissa had to change her course, 6 days before her event, onto hike a bike and dirt, so that was all Kimba needed to hear.  She chicked two guys in the last three miles and finished the marathon in 5.10.

The Admiral was also spotted at the event, he ran the 1/2 marathon in 2.18.  Mrs Admiral was slated to run also, but took a spill on the Thursday previous, turning an ankle.

Kimba also managed to share some trail time with fellow NEO TC runner Elizabeth Sosan. Elizabeth finished the 1/2 marathon in a nice 2.10 time.

NEO TC members Tara Schweitzer and Wild Bill Wagoner were volunteering this weekend, running the Aid Station at mile 7.5 and 21'ish for the marathon runners-it was a cold nasty day for volunteers, thanks for hanging out!

A late result from last weekend:  Coach Todd Hanks ran the "Run for Home" 1/2 Marathon in the Dover/New Philadelphia city, finishing in 1.45.33.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend Racing Results

The Down and Dirty 5 Mile Race
Lloyd Thomas 35.30.0 (3rd Place)
Dan Bellinger 44:52.0
Dan Bellinger travelled down to Loudonville on Sunday and volunteered at the Finish Line for the "Forget the PR" Race.

The Bull Run Run
-Desiree Cowie ran a nice 10.47.01 for the 50 mile Race in Virginia.
Also participating in the BRR was Grandpa Hawk and Dave Janosko.

Glacier Trail Ultras
Gary Sexton ran a 3.09.53 for the 30K in Moraine State Park, Pa.

Forget the PR-Loudonville, Ohio

NEO TC  Members Julie Bowen-Miller, Paul Lefelhocz, Don Baun, Kim Love-Ottobre, Dan Bellinger, were volunteers for the 4th annual "Forget the PR" 25 and 50K Race.
25K Finishers
Courtney Russell  3:17:21
Heidi Finniff         350:28
Christine Kalie    4:30:27
Gale Connor       5:15:37
Julie Curtis           5:58:16

Jeff Musick 6:23:38
Rich Vrboncic 6:59:29
Michael Kazar 7:07:56
Amie Murphy  7:16:27
Brandon Russell 7:23:35
Christine Tokarz 7:24:04
Mark Anson 7:42:047
Brian Musick 7:57:20
Bill Wagner 7:58:10
Tara Sweitzer 7:58:15
Timothy Simenc 8:04:10
Allison Holko 8:41:35
Thomas Patton 9:53:10

Potwatomi Race Series

Although the race results are not published yet, Roy sez he finished his  47th 100 mile race. Congratulations Roy!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Racing

NEO TC is lined up for a big weekend of running and racing.

There are runners signed up for races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Races this weekend:

Horton's Promise Land 50K

VHTRC Bull Run Run

Glacier Trail Ultras

Down and Dirty Trail Race

Tough Mudder

Forget the PR 25k and 50K

Big Ox Invitational at the St Thomas Aquinas Track Meet in Canton

Good Luck Runners!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Race Directors Report Fools 25 and 50K

2012 Initial Report

Ideal weather and a fast trail greeted an event-record 300 runners at the 2012 Fools 50K & 25K Trail Run. With a mild Northeast Ohio winter and a saturated water table in the weeks leading to race day, no one expected a nearly dry trail on April Fools Day.

In the 50K race, Jonathan Hastings of Grove City (second place at the 2011 Fools 50K) took aim at the course record of 3:59:02 and held a six-minute lead by the halfway checkpoint splitting 25K in 1 hour, 51 minutes. A chase pack of four runners - Nathan Szabados, Jason Dashow, Stephen Zeidner, and Vince Rucci - arrived at 25K within a minute of each other and it appeared they were racing for second place. Hastings reached the mile-28 Kendall Lake aid station with an eight minute lead but suffered an energy depletion on the Salt Run trail.

For the second consecutive year, a twenty-two year-old captured the Fools Run 50K win. This year, Nathan Szabados of Cleveland won in a finish time of 4:02:43. Jeffery Day of Berea finished second place in 4:05:02 followed by Hastings in 4:05:52.

In the women's 50K, Serena Wilcox of Cambridge, Vermont, became the first out-of-state winner in the event's four-year history, finishing in 4:44:55. Eighteen year-old Rachel Raykov of Hudson finished second-place in 5:03:46 followed by Rachel Nypaver in 5:07:35.

Wade Caldwell of Kent (1:52:23) and Janet Edwards of Parkman (2:12:44) claimed victories in the 25k race.

An event-record 299 runners finished, including 177 in the 25K and 122 finished the entire 50K.

Northeast Ohio's trail and ultrarunner community was on full display as nearly 75 volunteers stepped up during race week and race day to help make the Fools Run a success. THANK YOU to each volunteer who gave part of their day.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools!!

 NEO TC member Lloyd Thomas had another successful Fools Day Race.  LT started this event in 2007, when he needed a long training run for the Mohican 100.  The course turned into a FA, then turned into a very successful 25K and 50K  race.

25K Finishers:

Daniel Bellinger 2:31:19 
Elizabeth Sosan 2:57:26
Timothy Simenc 3:04:44  
Heidi Finniff 3:12:09  
Christine Tokarz 3:19:58
Cyrus Taylor 3:25:43  
Mrs Admiral 3:48:08  
Julie Curtis 5:07:05

50K Finishers

David Peterman 4:54:22  
Jim Harris 5:16:39 
Eric Deutsch 5:28:54  
Roy Heger 5:46:24
Brandon Russell 5:48:31
Bill Thompson 5:48:51  
Tj Hawk 5:55:25
Michael Kazar 6:16:51
Mark Anson 6:27:54
The Admiral 6:41:22
Bill Wagner 6:47:09
Tara Schweitzer 6:48:01
Todd Hanks 7:05:31
Dave Janosko 7:20:13
Barefoot Johnny O 7:57:12 

There were two bigger Fools out there, Slim and Coach Hanks.
 These two successfully finished the Ledges Trail Challenge,
 and THEN went and ran the Fools 50K. Nice work guys.