Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools!!

 NEO TC member Lloyd Thomas had another successful Fools Day Race.  LT started this event in 2007, when he needed a long training run for the Mohican 100.  The course turned into a FA, then turned into a very successful 25K and 50K  race.

25K Finishers:

Daniel Bellinger 2:31:19 
Elizabeth Sosan 2:57:26
Timothy Simenc 3:04:44  
Heidi Finniff 3:12:09  
Christine Tokarz 3:19:58
Cyrus Taylor 3:25:43  
Mrs Admiral 3:48:08  
Julie Curtis 5:07:05

50K Finishers

David Peterman 4:54:22  
Jim Harris 5:16:39 
Eric Deutsch 5:28:54  
Roy Heger 5:46:24
Brandon Russell 5:48:31
Bill Thompson 5:48:51  
Tj Hawk 5:55:25
Michael Kazar 6:16:51
Mark Anson 6:27:54
The Admiral 6:41:22
Bill Wagner 6:47:09
Tara Schweitzer 6:48:01
Todd Hanks 7:05:31
Dave Janosko 7:20:13
Barefoot Johnny O 7:57:12 

There were two bigger Fools out there, Slim and Coach Hanks.
 These two successfully finished the Ledges Trail Challenge,
 and THEN went and ran the Fools 50K. Nice work guys.

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