Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slim Pickins' 2012 Sneak Preview

The SP2012 Run Committee is already making plans for this year’s event.
Due to the recent change in PA's Bear season, SP2012 will not be held in the Laurel Highlands.
We will allow the hunters their space and not be in the woods in PA on November 17th this year.
Instead SP2012 will be held in Coopers Rock State Park down in the WV.

This park is just east of Morgantown.
Link to park map here.
Not sure what Saturday’s run will involve this year, but as always, it will be a worthy challenge.
Loose plans call for camping in the campground at the park.
Start thinking about scheduling now so you can attend this event.

To participate in this event, you must be self-sufficient on trail and be able to self rescue if needed.
This event is not a race, but more of a group run where everyone is responsible for themselves.
You must be a member of NEOTC by the 2012 YUTC race date to participate, or else have a NEOTC sponsor member who is participating in the SP2012 Run vouch for you.


Forever Young, Chris said...
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Forever Young, Chris said...

Great park!! Been there a few times, love it!!