Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend Racing Results

The Down and Dirty 5 Mile Race
Lloyd Thomas 35.30.0 (3rd Place)
Dan Bellinger 44:52.0
Dan Bellinger travelled down to Loudonville on Sunday and volunteered at the Finish Line for the "Forget the PR" Race.

The Bull Run Run
-Desiree Cowie ran a nice 10.47.01 for the 50 mile Race in Virginia.
Also participating in the BRR was Grandpa Hawk and Dave Janosko.

Glacier Trail Ultras
Gary Sexton ran a 3.09.53 for the 30K in Moraine State Park, Pa.

Forget the PR-Loudonville, Ohio

NEO TC  Members Julie Bowen-Miller, Paul Lefelhocz, Don Baun, Kim Love-Ottobre, Dan Bellinger, were volunteers for the 4th annual "Forget the PR" 25 and 50K Race.
25K Finishers
Courtney Russell  3:17:21
Heidi Finniff         350:28
Christine Kalie    4:30:27
Gale Connor       5:15:37
Julie Curtis           5:58:16

Jeff Musick 6:23:38
Rich Vrboncic 6:59:29
Michael Kazar 7:07:56
Amie Murphy  7:16:27
Brandon Russell 7:23:35
Christine Tokarz 7:24:04
Mark Anson 7:42:047
Brian Musick 7:57:20
Bill Wagner 7:58:10
Tara Sweitzer 7:58:15
Timothy Simenc 8:04:10
Allison Holko 8:41:35
Thomas Patton 9:53:10

Potwatomi Race Series

Although the race results are not published yet, Roy sez he finished his  47th 100 mile race. Congratulations Roy!!

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