Monday, September 17, 2012

Coach Hanks Wins the Lordstown Apple Cider 5K !!

Congratulations to Todd Hanks, winner of the Lordstown Apple Cider 5K!

Todd's Race Report:
Brother called Saturday night and set up run for Sunday at Mill Creek. Early Sunday morning he calls and is too sore from YUTC and wants to take day off. OK with me as my knee was really sore Saturday and still pretty stiff in the morning.  My wife wanted to post flyers of her race at Lordstown Apple Cider 5K so headed over there.

 Decided to run it since I was there. Started running ½ hour before race and just kept going until race start.

Knee loosened up. No big guns in attendance. Group of three in lead pack. 2 by halfway and 1 after the 2 mile mark.

That 1 was me. Awesome feeling being alone chasing the police car. Turned into school parking lot with huge lead for last ¼ mile and people telling me to take it easy. Finished in 18:30 for a couple second PR and first ever victory.
 Cherry on top of a great weekend.

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