Thursday, September 6, 2012

Content Wanted!!!

Hey there all you NEO Trail Members,

This is a news blog for the members.  This is where we like to toot our own horn, and recognize people for their accomplishments.

We need your help!

Content is needed for the news blog.

Yes, that means news!!

We know some of yinz are headed out for a hippy dippy weekend in Michigan for the Woodstock Festival of Running; many of you will be running YUTC the next weekend.

How about writing a race report?

It doesn't have to be long.
 It doesn't have to be grammatically correct.  
But we want to feature YOU here on the blog.  

Didn't run the race?  Crewed for a buddy?  Had an epic or funny or harrowing time?  Worked an aid station?  Hey, you could write about that.  It's always cool hearing about other aspects of the race.

These don't have to be ultra events.  Maybe you ran a 5K or a Tough Mudder or a Color Run. Want to tell us about it?  Got pics (EVEN BETTER!!!) to share?  We want to post it.

Okay, even if you don't want to write a race report, that is cool. But we would like to get your results out there.  Kimba does her best job of stalking people on the interwebs but she needs your help.  Send us your race results-where you went, how did you do.

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