Monday, September 3, 2012

The Ring

September has crept up on  us, and it was time for an annual fun event for a few of the NEO TC members.

Well, "fun" is a relative term for The Ring.

The Ring is simply the 71 mile Massanutten Trail, in the Massanutten Mountains of Virginia.  This is a FA event put on by the Virginia Happy Trails Club.

Only one rule of The Ring, "stay on Orange".  The Massanutten 100 Trails Run uses most of the MMT Trail, with some added miles thrown in.

It appeared that the weather cooperated for The Ring.  Hot and oppressive.

Results are here.

As far as NEOTC trail runners, Coach Hanks suffered like a dog in the humidity, and only made it 40.7 miles and had to drop at Edinburg Gap.
Todd was down 15 pounds total from his effort.
Slim made it back to Signal Knob Parking lot in roughly 23 1/2 hours.

As always a little suffering is a good thing.
Look up either of these guys and ask them about their experience, or any of the NEOTC runners who have completed the Ring and find out if this is your kind of an event.

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