Monday, September 30, 2013

Racing Results

24 Hour North Coast

Congrats to Cyrus Taylor and Roy Heger who ran around in a circle for a very long time on September 21 and 22

Cyrus ran 62.15106 miles

Roy ran 76.5629 miles

Akron Marathon

Lots of Neo Trailers out for the 11th annual marathon.

Tara Schweitzer ran in relay with her two sisters.  It was her sister Lisa's first face!

Marjie and Nick Billock ran the 1/2 marathon, finishing in 1.56.02, which was a 6 minute PR for her-Congrats!

Elizabeth Sosan also ran the 1/2 marathon, finishing in 2.08.01


Dan Bellinger took first in his age group, with a 4.16.15

LT completed  his tenth Akron Marathon, leading the 3.40 pace group, finishing in 3.39.41

Dave Peterman and TJ Hawk completed their 11th Akron Marathon

Dave ran 3.15.36
TJ ran 3.39.30

More finishers:

Tim Knapp 4.36.45
Michael Kazar 5.16.42

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Unknown said...

Congrats to everyone! We have our own marathoners at They have also great results, though a bit lower than the guys. Wish then success, health and happiness!