Saturday, July 25, 2009

QotD - July 20 - July 24

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July 20th
I hadn’t really been aware of it. Not it’s weight or its form or its size. But the burden of doubt and anxiety I had carried with me from the start was formidable. My realization of its very existence came only when I began to dimly feel that burden getting lighter. As I came down off of Kern’s Mountain I was ahead of my schedule. I felt great. I didn’t feel even close to crashing. It evidently wasn’t going to rain anytime soon. My confidence swelled to fill the void as my fears floated up and away into the late day sun.
- Alan Gowen, from his 2006 MMT 100 RR

July 21st
When Mark Twain was asked how he had lived so long, he replied, "By sticking to a way of life that would have killed anybody else."

July 22nd
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
-General George Patton Jr

July 23rd
Pace to Finish BR100 – 18:36/mile

July 24th
You have been told that Real Life is not like college, and you have been correctly informed. Real Life is more like high school.
-Meryl Streep

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